Astrology is a tool  for spiritual growth

using it wisely can help us 

to discover our

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Liana N.

Liana N.

Maddie L.


I can highly recommend an astrology consultation with Lennart. I was blown away by the depth of powerful insight that Lennart provided from reading my chart. The consultation has really given me a lot of valuable information to think about, which I feel has already made a positive impact on certain situations I have been dealing with. 

Ryan M.

My reading with Lennart was the most uplifting and inspiring astrology reading I have ever had. Lennart didn't just tell me about the elements, but took the time to understand my chart and create a coherent story that included all of its elements.

Liana N.



Lennart's readings are captivating because he has the gift of getting very excited about all the different connections between planets and their spiritual meaning. At the same time he offers very insightful practical advices based on what he sees out there and what to watch out for. It's not just "all is lovely and good" things. Don't get fooled by his age, he can surprise you with a quite mature perspective.

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